Sunday, April 22, 2012

Barack Obama's Enemies List

Obama for America is vilifying Americans for the twin sins of donating to Romney and being successful in their various business ventures. H/T Heritage via Doo Doo Econ. This is consistent with the new leftist tactic of using economic pressure to get sponsors of conservative causes to pull out from sponsorship. We saw this with Rush Limbaugh's sponsors, mostly a failure. Another example was the pressure that resulted in Coca-Cola withdrawing from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) over claims that voter ID laws are somehow racist.

In the case of the new Truth Squad, called Keeping GOP Honest, the alleged sins of Obama donors include making money in financial deals that include offshoring, donating to anti-gay causes, and ties to oil companies. This is politics, but when the President's campaign vilifies Americans for donating to his opponents, isn't that a little CREEPy? It reminds of the people who publicized the names and addresses who had donated to the Prop 8 campaign. How is that anything other than intimidation? The left isn't content to try to win on the merits, intimidation seems an important part of their strategy. But this only angers free people, who will fight back against intimidation.

Obama has a history of using snitching and intimidation as part of his campaign. During the health care debate he used the office of the Presidency to ask his supporters to snitch on those who were "spreading lies" about health care to send an email to Note the address, which meant your tax dollars were paying for that initial snitch campaign. was replace in 2011 by Attack Watch. (BTW, will now redirect you to Attack Watch.)

I am reposting the Live Leak parody of Obama's campaign efforts, because these kinds of efforts need to be ridiculed.


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  2. We need to replace the Rinos. We need Oren like we need Arlen Spector. We identify with revolution and providing a candidate representing real change. Why do we find such a passionate plea from Ron Paul supporters? Hatch, Spector, Dole, McCain? Nothing new, just a different version of Socialism, with a new set of emperor's clothes.

    Don't be surprised at the T party movement. We can count on history to expect the unexpected. I pray for the T party to continue and gain momentum, throw the bums out and continue the agenda for less government and more self-efficiency.