Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekend Music Chill

Some of the most instantly recognized music in our culture comes from TV shows. But we seldom think of it as pop music. Occasionally a tune may cross over to radio success, I think that the theme song from Cheers did so. I didn't especially like it, so here are my two votes for best TV theme songs. I look forward to hearing what yours are.


  1. Always loved the Ventures 5-0 theme. There are a lot of great SciFi TV show theme songs that come to mind. Dr. Who, UFO, Farscape, and them there's the Dilbert cartoon show which uses Forbidden Zone from early Oingo Boingo.

  2. miami vice theme actually had radio success in the 80's.

  3. Kelly, thanks for the reminder about the Dr. Who theme, I really liked that one. drozz, agreed, can't believe it didn't come to mind for this post, even though I would have still gone with these two.