Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Romney's Big Night - Again - And One More Thing

Regardless of whether or not Mitt Romney wins Ohio tonight, he will increase his delegate lead. He started the day with a 173 to 76. When the delegates are totaled after Super Tuesday, I believe his lead will increase his lead by 140 delegates or more, given the proportional representation in many of the states. (A little coaching from Karl Rove on that one.) He is running a national campaign that the other candidates cannot match.

Of interest is that Sarah Palin voted for Newt Gingrich. Wonder what some former fan girls think of that? (Do I mean you Sarah?) Is Sarah Palin secretly rooting for Romney?

In other news, Dennis Kucinich, lefty extraordinaire, lost in Ohio due to redistricting to another Democrat Rep, Marcy Kaptur. I have seen Kucinich on TV a number of times and almost always disagree with his inanity but can never bring myself to personally dislike him.

And One More Thing

The media portrays the race as Romney vs Santorum, but Gingrich is closer to Santorum than Santorum is to Romney in the count. From the RealClearPolitics delegate count site:

Romney - 404
Santorum - 161
Gingrich - 105
Paul - 61

Romney remains at 55% of the delegates available so far.


  1. I'm sad to see Kucinich go.

    He's principled and honest, which is more than you can say about 95% of Congress critters of either party.

    He's kinda the Ron Paul of the left.

  2. ... which is probably why he was thrown under the bus in redistricting.