Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dumanis and Fletcher Unveil Education Plans

But who cares? Watching KUSI tonight, there was some story about Bonnie Dumanis and Nathan Fletcher offering up education plans. I don't care. As the news pointed out, this is not a province of the mayor and their will be enough for the mayor to handle without adding education reform to his or her plate. With the city facing tough issues like pension funding, the potential implementation of a new defined benefits plans and ongoing budget woes, Fletcher and Dumanis are focused on the wrong issues. For the same reasons that I am not a Rick Santorum supporter, he isn't focused on the debt and the economy, I can't support Fletcher or Dumanis.

Meanwhile, Carl DeMaio remains the front runner, if the local polling is to be believed.


  1. I agree with the local focus on the city, but the Santorum reference throws me. What is your understanding of his focus?

    It can be argued that just as BO focused upon ObamaCare, we must now focus upon repeal of ObamaCare. The survival of freedom is just more important than our individual lives and suffering.

    Personally, I think it is worse to leave behind a world enslaved to a "United Federation" style conglomo-government. It would be better for the world to be poor but with the opportunity for a better life through freedom.

    Some of us will disagree and prefer a guilded cage and a few more years of fiat prosperity. Others will blindly latch onto make-believe "rights."

    In the end, we need leaders who see the cold hard truth and have "situational awareness." On that I think we can agree.

  2. Santorum's running around babbling about a War on Porn.