Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quote of the Week - Carl DeMaio's Real Opponents

Over at, an interview with Carl DeMaio is posted. The money question comes third:

  • Which of your opponents do you fear the most? Why?

I don’t see this as a race of me against these three other candidates. My campaign is the same campaign I have waged since becoming a taxpayer watchdog years ago: to clean up the mess at city hall.

My real opponents are the government employee unions and powerful downtown interests that benefit from the cozy system at City Hall at the taxpayers’ expense. They know I will end their taxpayer-funded gravy train, and that’s why they are doing everything they can to defeat our grassroots campaign.

Bolding added by B-Daddy.

I couldn't agree more with Carl DeMaio about who is true opponents are. The author of the rostra article, Tony Manolatos, showed superb judgement in headlining the article the way he did. This also speaks to my long time complaint here in San Diego, that our political choices have been between government that favors big business or government that favors big labor. We need government that favors the taxpayers and average citizens, whether or not that favors particular businesses. An even playing field will ultimately make our city a better place to live.

Breaking news update: DeMaio won the endorsement of the GOP this morning with 71% of the vote. There may be hope for the party. Love Richard Rider's tweet on the subject.


  1. I agree with and like DeMaio, but what is with a GOP endorsement? Does that take the place of the primary process?

  2. Thanks for highlighting how well DeMaio plays the game. Every question is an opportunity to bend the issue toward your own messaging.

    Charles, yes, this is the party's usual MO

  3. The SD mayorial race is non-partisan, so there is not partisan primary. Hence the endorsement is in one way meaningless. However, it was good to see the GOP doing something other than endorsing the pick of the downtown elites.