Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birth Control Stupidity

Rush Limbaugh has apologized for name-calling against the female law school student who said she was having so much sex during her college years that she was going broke paying for birth control. (No link love for either.) That she would admit this in Congressional testimony, while under oath, without any apparent embarrassment, says more about our country than anything Rush said subsequently.

Its been quite the brouhaha over the matter, with the Democrats yelling stupid talking points like: it prevents abortions and reproductive rights; and too many Republican uttering the nonsense that the government is paying for birth control. Lost in the shuffle is why the heck can't insurance companies offer a mix of coverage that their customers might actually want. My local grocery store recently added arugula to its vegetable line up; but under the Democrats argument, if Michele Obama urged the Secretary of HHS that this was a great idea, every supermarket would have carry the vegetable. And under the mandate theory of interstate commerce, nothing prevents Washington DC from dictating every single economic choice Americans make.

This is why I turn off the TV every time I hear bloviation on this subject; everyone is missing the point. It's the freedom, stupid.


  1. Agreed, but with freedom comes responsilbilty. Seems like the whole issue has devolved into what things those who actually pay taxes be made to pay for. I care about paying for birth control about as much as providing viagra to Medicare recipients. Someone suggested that, since red wine is good for the heart, the government mandate free red wine. The debate should not be about where to draw the line. The government needs to get out of the debate. The market will find the right coverage and price.