Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Music Chill

This song goes out to Road 'Dawg, who is surveying weather damage in the great state of Texas. Texas has been on my mind of late, with Rick Perry a potential formidable Presidential candidate and the news that something like 37% of the jobs created in America since the start of the recession were Texas jobs. Dean's musical selection this week inspired me to look further afield myself, so here is "Asleep at the Wheel" performing Miles and Miles of Texas.


  1. Thanks for that. These guys are nuts for their state. A patriotism in many instances deeper than being an American, is being a Texan. And when the Mavs stomped the Lakers, boy did I hear about it! Way to go Mavericks!

  2. Also, driving to/ from Dallas, "miles and miles of Texas" has a whole new meaning. From here to to Dallas is about 20 hours and El Paso is the halfway marker. North Texas is a beautiful state with lots of trees, creeks and wildlife. Also lots of German heritage where I was and enjoyed terrific brats, beets, and sourkraut. Did Germanfest in Muenster. All pretty cool stuff. But hail the size of baseballs will scare the hell out of you even if you are indoors.