Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carl DeMaio vs Nathan Fletcher

I am leaning to supporting Carl DeMaio for mayor of San Diego. My biggest reason was his outspoken opposition to Proposition D, which made a big difference in its defeat last fall. Meanwhile Bonnie Dumanis ducked the issue and Nathan Fletcher (left) was on record as opposing, but did little to work against its passage.

Now we have another big issue, how are we going to take steps to reduce employee pension costs by shifting new employees from defined benefit to defined contribution plans. Carl DeMaio is aggressively touting the plan, which will reduce the risk to the city in the long run. Nathan Fletcher is "waiting on analysis." From the VOSD:
Contrast Fletcher with Councilman Carl DeMaio, another Republican mayoral candidate. DeMaio's the one with all the answers now. He's touted his authorship of the 401(k) measure and of an 80-page glossy budget plan when he made his official mayoral announcement Sunday. . . .

DeMaio's definitive stances give him license to hammer those who haven't taken them. But it also attracts anger. San Diego's largest organized labor group already has opened a political action committee just to defeat him. He also has a history of upsetting some of the city's more moneyed interests that could help him financially navigate a large mayoral field.

DeMaio didn't accept the anti-establishment mantle, but he sure talks like someone who's that kind of candidate.

"I don't see this as a race of me versus other candidates," he said. "I see this as a race of me versus the system and the people who benefit from the system. Organized labor and a lot of business lobbyists who've really had too cozy a relationship in the past."

Sometimes you have to judge a man by the enemies he makes. Carl DeMaio is making the right ones in my Tea Party opinion.


  1. Felcher is a weaselly establishment RINO. He was in on the Schwarzenegger tax hike deal.

  2. And have you seen all the self-promotional BS he sends out about Chelsea's Law?


  3. I'd vote for him just for getting the unions mad.

  4. Felcher? Cracking me up, W.C.

    DeMaio has got my vote thus far for the reasons stated.

    Big Labor has lost some ballot battles pretty handily here of late. Really looking forward to the fur flying in this one.