Monday, June 13, 2011

Michele Beats Sarah on the Draw

Michele Bachmann has announced her candidacy for President, as you have no doubt heard, before Sarah Palin, if Palin ever announces. Certainly the comparisons with Palin are inevitable. Both are attractive female conservative favorites with strong followings in the Tea Party. From the AP report:
Her popularity with tea party activists and her credentials as a social conservative make her a credible threat to other candidates courting conservatives who make up the core of the Republican Party. Her impact may be felt most in Iowa, the first stop in the nomination battle and where Christian evangelicals dominate.

I will confess to knowing little about Bachmann to this point. She hasn't seemed to have made a big impact in the House of Representatives; in fact few candidates have ever made the leap from the House to the White House. Perusing her blog, it appears to be standard fare that even Ron Paul would like, excepting strong support for Israel I suppose and strong opposition to gay marriage at all levels. However, I am disturbed by the lack of mention of any meaningful entitlement reform. Her official web site is still under construction, so she might have more to say later.

Honestly, I am looking for more governors to be in the Republican race. Governors have the best track records for becoming President, because the office is the most similar and provides them with the requisite training and political skills for success. Rick Perry would be a great addition to the field, and I wish Mitch Daniels would reconsider, although that appears unlikely. As much as I dislike Romney, and Pawlenty's speaking skills seem lackluster, at least they both have gubernatorial experience; the same can be said for Gary Johnson. Sarah Palin made a huge mistake, if she was ever serious about Presidential ambition by resigning as Governor of Alaska, I don't think that some voters would ever vote for her because of that.

I note that it was Michele Bachmann who called out the egregious nature of the self funding mechanisms inside the Obamacare bill. Her hard work in this area deserves recognition.

Meanwhile, HotAir doesn't think she can win, but is in it to make the Tea Party voice heard in this election. Really? Certainly Ron Paul and Gary Johnson carry much of the Tea Party message. And since when is gay marriage a big priority for the Tea Party? Further, I think that the Tea Party is going to go with the candidate who will repeal Obamacare and tackle entitlements, at least that is my hope. Oh, and cut off ethanol subsidies, because they are proof of stupidity.

From the AP, probably a little slanted, but I am trying to get a measure of the candidate:


  1. Wanna know more about Michelle Bachmann?

  2. 1) She announces for the Presidency.

    2) Her website is still under construction.

    Wait, what?