Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stuff I Don't Care That Much About

. . . but thought I'd comment on anyway.

Mark Halperin gets the boot at MSNBC for vulgar name calling of the President. Good, but is it me or does it seem like the punishment is slower and lighter when the President is a Republican.

New York passed some gay marriage law. I commented on this once before and sidetracked my comments section for a while. When the nation is grappling with $14 trillion in debt, its hard to focus on stupidity like this.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn might actually be innocent, of the charge of rape. Even if this is true, there have been greater injustices. But it's also interesting to note press bias on both sides of the Atlantic. In America, Strauss-Kahn is thought guilty and his accuser is seen as a helpless victim, an immigrant no less, fallen prey to the depredations of the rich and powerful. A parable for minority women everywhere? In France, members of the ruling elite are presumed above suspicion until an airtight case is laid out against them. Someone of the maid's station would never be allowed to sully the name of the great and the good. Turns out both biases might be mistaken, as Strauss-Kahn at the least behaved badly, and his accuser seems to have a shady past herself.

The 4th of July parade is a Republican event according to Harvard? Well, it makes people more likely to become Republican by a whopping 2%. I think this says more about the researchers than it does about American politics. Someone chose to study this. Someone chose to fund this research. Someone was looking to find a conclusion that celebrating the birth of our nation was somehow evidence of political bias so that they could discredit such events. If such people represent the mainstream of the Democrat party (which I don't believe) the country is in deep crap. I have opined before that we need a robust Democrat party, not in thrall to socialism, for the health of our republic.

North Korea was appointed as the UN Chair for the Conference on Disarmaments. I swear this is so stupid, I couldn't stop laughing. Because hey, it's the Star Wars Cantina, who takes anything they do seriously?

Weiner's wife is taking an extended vacation from her State Department duties, and him. If he had been more forthcoming to her, as soon as the story broke, who knows? Now, she's just been publicly humiliated, without warning. What do you expect?

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  1. Nice wrap-up. The North Korea story...jeesh, you can't make that up. I would have thought the link was to The Onion.