Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There Is Still A Difference

Mark Steyn
had this to say about the incident in Quincy video'd above:

The same day that Mayor Newsom took his bold stand, I saw a phalanx of police officers doing the full Robocop — black body armor, helmets, and visors — as they marched down the street. Goosestepping? No, it’s actually quite hard to goosestep in those steel-reinforced kneepads. So just regular marching. Naturally, I assumed they were Arizona state troopers performing a routine traffic stop. In fact, they were the police department of Quincy, Ill., facing down a group of genial tea-party grandmas in sun hats and American-flag T-shirts. They were acting at the behest of President Obama’s Secret Service, who rightly recognized a polite knot of citizens singing “God Bless America” as a clear and present danger to the republic.

If I were a member of the Quincy PD, I’d wear a full-face visor, too, because I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. It’s a tough job making yourself a paramilitary laughingstock.

And there in lies the difference. In the U.S. peaceful demonstrators can still embarrass jack booted paramilitary types into backing down. We know how things ended in China. (No para about those military tanks in Tiananmen Square.)


  1. Quincy, Illinois, I was there during the presidential campaign. Illinois is mostly a red state but Springfield is run by Chicago. So sayeth the townfolk.