Monday, May 17, 2010

Chuck DeVore for Senate

CK MacLeod at Zombie Contentions and HotAir has called on Chuck DeVore to withdraw from the California Senate Republican primary to replace Barbara Boxer. His contention is that Carly Fiorina will lose to Tom Campbell otherwise. My response, so what? Explain to me exactly how Carly has so endeared herself to the Tea Party movement or is so much better than Campbell that I should care. Further, Carly seems willing to cast principle aside in the tactics she uses to try to push Chuck out of the race.

Right now, in the primaries, is the time to make our voices heard. Incumbents and wannabes of both parties need to start getting the message that THE TIME FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL IS OVER! Sorry to shout, but the nation is in a fiscal crisis without historic parallel. No previous record indebtedness of the nation was caused by such willful political malpractice of running up debt by increasing entitlements and spending on federal salaries and contracts. The crisis is primarily moral and political, so I am unwilling to compromise in the primary election season, when I am given a choice to vote for a true conservative who is dedicated to smaller government.

In Utah, Bob Bennett lost the GOP nomination. Rand Paul seems set to upset the Kentucky Republican establishment tomorrow. Turncoat, and former lefty Republican Arlen Specter may go down tomorrow as well. It's a peaceful revolution, but a revolution none the less. The future of our nation demands that we draw a line and say No More!

Now, if the worst should happen in June, and Tom Campbell is the nominee, I will in all likelihood still vote for him over Boxer. He might even win, although I doubt it, given the enthusiasm gap he will have. I will do so because Barbara Boxer has supported every lefty spending program that has ever come along, and Campbell occasionally shows restraint.

But for now, I am still pulling for Chuck DeVore, so mosey on over and make a donation. I did.

P.S. Sorry about the short hiatus from regular posts. I spent some quality time with my church group in the mountains this weekend. I also had some responsibilities getting it organized. We talked a bit about the role of men in the family and work. Pretty inspiring stuff.

P.P.S. Really sorry I missed the first Beer Summit, more reportage on that from BwD.


  1. What's wrong with Tom Campbell?

  2. We missed you at the Beer Summit.

    It's unfortunate that Hot Air saw fit to chime-in, in this manner.

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself, though I did get in quite the fire-fight over at Hot Air. W.C. Varones chimed in over at the Green Room site with excellent responses --




  5. I'm a former Republican. I for one will NEVER vote for Carly Fiorina. I've seen too much and have done my homework. For me its not about and (R). It's about principles, ethics, and a servant of the people not win at all costs. It's what is in front of the (R) (should I vote for an R) In this case I will, DeVore. DeVore is principled. I've watched him for years. I was surprised when he announced AND pleasantly surprised. IF Boxer keeps it, it's because people don't pay attention or they don't care. I don't vote for a party I vote for individuals ONLY.