Saturday, May 29, 2010

Programming Alert - Kim Tran Interview (District 6)

I was able to speak to Kim Tran on the phone this afternoon to discuss getting an interview. She asked that I send her questions in advance and said that we will talk some more. However, I was able to ask why she did not participate in the Clairemont debate. My question was "I covered the debate at Clairemont High and found the questions to be relevant and straightforward, why didn't you participate?" Kim Tran responded that she felt that she felt it much more worthwhile to listen directly to the people and didn't want intermediaries, like a reporter getting her message to the people.

She said, "I want to listen to voters directly, there are not enough people at one debate. It's more important to walk the precinct. I find out many things from the people and find that their concerns are my concerns." She mentioned that potholes were a big concern and that the city has a deficit of $75 million and people worry about retirement. She emphasized a number of times that "I take it very seriously," referring to listening to the voters in the district. Other news reports I have read indicate that she really does spend some serious time campaigning by walking through the district.

She was very gracious, asking me if I had children in the military. I don't. She thanked me for my service as a veteran over this Memorial Day weekend. She asked what I thought of the debate. I told her I found the debate very informative and talked briefly about Hadley"s performance and that I was able to learn things about the candidates I wouldn't have otherwise known. She said "My campaign manager informed that the questions weren't necessarily the concerns of the people."

Her accent may have something to do with her desire not to debate. While it's true that some people have prejudices, and that might hurt her chances, she really needs to let people see her speaking publicly, because it is such a big part of elected office. I will publish results of the follow on interview when it happens, hopefully before the end of the weekend.

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