Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blaming Bush?

If you thought Democrats running against Bush in 2008 was lame, dig this.

“Many of the people appointed in the Bush administration are still burrowed in the agencies that are supposed to oversee the [oil] industry,” Pelosi said when asked if Democrats could have prevented or mitigated the crisis by keeping a closer watch on the industry.

And whose fault is that, even if her whiny excuses were in fact, the truth? The Democrats have had overwhelming majorities in both houses, so the President should be able to get any appointees through that he needs. Who are these hold overs any way? Pelosi continues with her politically tone deaf commentary.

…I’ve heard no complaints from my members about the way the president has handled it,” Pelosi said.
Apparently, there are no Democrat House members from Gulf Coast states, and this guy isn't a Congresscritter:

Ladies and gentlemen, the always entertaining James Carville.


  1. Man, Carville is going to town and it's clear that George S. wants no part of it. That's what jumped out at me from the video - George S. is there as an apologist for Obama and thought he had an ally in Carville.

  2. KT,
    Agree that George couldn't wait to get that segment over with. I always liked Carville, even though I usually vehemently disagree with him.

  3. I knew this clip was comming, "ally of the Obama administration" my a$$, George. Lizardman has had it in for team Obama since the primaries.

  4. "The Democrats have had overwhelming majorities in both houses, so the President should be able to get any appointees through that he needs."

    Except that appointments are not confirmed by both houses: They are confirmed in the Senate, where a single senator can place a hold on any appointment. Currently, 77 appointments are on hold by Republicans in the US Senate.

    The Minerals Management Service, because of these holds, is still under an acting director held over from the Bush administration, and is functioning under the policies and procedures set in place by Vice President Cheney's Energy Task Force.

  5. Dutch,
    Nancy Pelosi did not name a single individual from the Bush administration and how she thought they were responsible. That leads me to conclude the charge was a baseless red herring.
    As to the energy task force, I am sure it didn't require a revolving door between MMS and industry, nor require the MMS employees to view porn on their government computers instead of regulating.
    I am a federal employee who is outraged by their behavior; these are not political appointees, but civil servants like myself. It is the responsibility of the administration to direct the civil service to properly perform their jobs. We are implementing an unpopular reorganization within my work because we were directed to do so by the Assistant Secretary of our agency. You get elected, you take responsibility.