Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pennsylvania Party Switchers

Pennsylvania is now famous for having defeated Arlen Specter in the Democrat primary, after his switch to the Democrat party from nominal Republicanness in 2009. It seems that there is another case of party identity blurring in the one dark spot on yesterday's results. In the PA-12 special election to fill John Murtha's vacant seat, the Democrat, Mark Critz, won in a race the Republicans thought they could win.

So how did he do it? Here is analysis from the Christian Science Monitor:

The model, as followed by now Rep.-elect Mark Critz (D) of Pennsylvania, goes like this: Keep it local, not national. Don’t even talk about President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Define your opponent early and often, as negatively as possible. Hold positions that match the views of your district – in Mr. Critz’s case, it meant being anti-abortion and pro-gun. It also meant opposing the just-passed health-care reform (though Critz adds that he would not repeal it) and the climate change “cap and trade” bill.
So let me get this straight, to win as a Democrat you have to oppose Obamacare, cap and trade, abortion and support gun rights? How does that differ from say, Chuck DeVore, a solid conservative Republican? This is a recipe for victory in November? If so, bring it on. If the Congress was filled with Democrats who truly held those views, the country would be better for it. But we all know that Critz, a former aide to one of the most corrupt Congressmen in history, is lying. Look at Stupak, ok you don't have to, literally. When push comes to shove, all these supposedly pro-life Democrats cut and run and vote with Nancy Pelosi to pass whatever Obamanation the Dems are pushing and sell out on their supposed pro-life principles.

Further, expect more of the same pork-barrel style politics from Critz:

Critz was an aide to Murtha, so while he had the Washington-insider thing going (bad) he was also able to draw on his connection to Murtha (good) and has promised to keep federal money flowing into the district.

The good news is mixed with the bad news. Democrats recognize the need to act like Republicans to win, but enough people are fooled that this works.

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  1. The encouraging part was what Critz ran as. The depressing part is how he will actually vote.

    Blue Dogs: a figment of all our imaginations.