Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend Music Chill

I always liked The Police and Sting, even if he is a little strange at times. I think this is one of his best efforts. There are other reasons to like this video as well.


  1. Very nice. I like the mideastern beat and style.

    Shakira does it very well here in Ojos Asi:

  2. yesterday I saw a passing woman
    underneath her camel
    a salt river, a boat
    abandoned in the desert
    ya he, ya he, ya la he
    and I saw your black eyes
    ya he, ya he, ya la he
    and now yes that
    I can't live without them I
    asked to the heavens only one wish
    that in your eyes I can live
    I've traveled the entire world
    and a thing I'm coming to say to you
    I traveled from Bahrein until Beirut
    I went from the north until the south pole
    and I didn't finds eyes like those
    like the ones you have

  3. A passionate song, and one of my favorites. I used to have it on cassette and played my music when working out at the gym. Whenever I was running on the treadmill and "Desert Rose" came on, it seemed that my body just automatically kicked it into 5th gear. Hmmm, been trying to get to the gym here in Lithuania...maybe Sting could help me!