Friday, January 8, 2010

Do Republicans Deserve Victory? Part II

After reading my article about the Republican party yesterday, Jonah Goldberg has extended my remarks, and quite eloquently, I might add. He compares the current state of the Republican party to Domino's pizza, an apt comparison. He says that the party should take a page from the new Domino's ads (I have embedded the famous YouTube one below) and admit their past mistakes and do the repentance I have been urging. Some key quotes:

But the GOP’s troubles over the last decade have a lot to do with the fact that Americans didn’t stop liking what the Republican party is supposed to deliver. They stopped liking what the GOP actually delivered.
Spot on. Hence the rise of the Tea Party movement, the desire for limited government still burns strong in America. On "compassionate conservatism" being like a pizza chain getting into Chinese:

Indeed, by my lights, that’s what George W. Bush tried to do with his “compassionate conservatism.” He surrendered to liberal arguments about the role, size, and scope of government on too many fronts. In effect, he said you can have your pizza and Kung Pao chicken all in the same dish. That’s not a good meal, it’s a bad mess.
Goldberg goes on to say that it's time to attack "crony capitalism," the corrupt union of big business and big government. A little contrition and honesty will go a long way to regaining the trust of Americans. Then, they will have to deliver. Time for the GOP to adopt the Freedom Coalition agenda, because soon, just being against the execrable pseudo-socialist crony-capitalism of the Democrats won't be enough; we will have to be for something.

Domino's Turnaround


  1. Is Roxanne available?

    I just featured The Police today, so I think it's a sign.

  2. No victory until they embrace conservative ideas, not this limited socialism of McCain and Dole.