Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So That's Why the Left's Agenda is Stalled

Broken windows at Fisher auto plant in Flint, MI,1937.

If nothing else good comes from drawing out the health care debate and Democrat Congresscritters tanking poll numbers, it is that the rest of the left's political agenda is pretty much in the toilet. But now the real reason their agenda has not gone anywhere has been revealed Harold Meyerson in the WaPo, an insufficiently violent and lawless mob movement to further the "progressive" agenda. I could not believe some of what I read in his article:

But if there's a common feature to the political landscapes in which Carter, Clinton and now Obama were compelled to work, it's the absence of a vibrant left movement. The America over which FDR presided was home to mass organizations of the unemployed; farmers' groups that blocked foreclosures, sometimes at gunpoint; general strikes that shut down entire cities, and militant new unions that seized factories. Both communists and democratic socialists were enough of a presence in America to help shape these movements, generating so much street heat in so many congressional districts that Democrats were compelled to look leftward as they crafted their response to the Depression.
So the cat's out of the bag, the left can't make significant progress without violent communist protests simmering in the streets. By contrast, notice how the libertarians and conservatives have already made huge strides with the very peaceful tea parties.

And consider this gem:

The right has had great success over the past year in building a movement that isn't really for anything but that has channeled anew the fears and loathings of millions of Americans.
Doesn't stand for anything? The Tea Party movement doesn't stand for anything except the preservation and restoration of freedom and liberty which has been under assault since Obama took office. It's the power of no. No, I don't want some bureaucrat regulating my doctor's visit. No, I don't want more of my take home pay to go to the government. No, I don't want to wreck the economy because of debatable scientific hypothesis. No, I don't want my grandchildren saddled with debt.


  1. Some Boston Globe wag, this past spring, bemoaned the lack of burly union types in confronting Tea Partyers.

    The double standard ceased being apalling a while back and now it is just proof of beclowning.

  2. Thanks Dean for that validation. The thuggery of the left would-be or otherwise never ceases to amaze, yet they say that the right is anti-intellectual.