Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quote of the Week - UPDATED

Scott Brown, during his victory speech tonight after his historic win in Massachusetts had this to say. (I am quoting from memory, will update when I get the transcript.)

We believe in a set of principles, that, when properly articulated, can result in a political majority in this country.
UPDATE: Here is the actual quote from his speech, I am not taking down the original, because I like it and it is a bit interesting to see how memory works for words.

Across this country, we are united by basic convictions that need only to be clearly stated to win a majority.
End Update

Indeed. His positions on the issues here, but here is a short summary in case the link gets overloaded:
Oppose Obamacare, lower taxes, oppose cap & trade while supporting energy R&D, support charter schools, oppose amnesty, support the second amendment, oppose partial birth abortion, support Israel's security, and sanctions against Iran.

His position on gay marriage? Let the states decide in elections or through their legislatures, not the courts. Notice there was nothing about flag burning, prayer in school, or other distractions.

I don't see him as being very far from the Freedom Coalition Agenda. Let's see if the Republicans start listening.

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