Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick Hitters

Dean reminds us of this administration's war on democratic institutions in Honduras. After peaceful elections, and a smooth transfer of power, our State Department wishes to continue to cover it's face with eggs as it acts petulantly towards Hondurans.

The blowback from Obama's Supreme Court remarks was all over the blogosphere and even the MSM. (BTW, Legal Insurrection is the other fabulous legal blog you're probably not reading.)

The stupidity of trying KSM in New York appears to have finally reached Obama, as Congress seems set to deny security funding for the trial, he is looking at other venues. Seems not too bright to invite another terror attack in New York symbolically so close to the former site of the WTC.

Despite the "fighting" words in the SOTU, I think the odds of any kind of health care porkulus are sinking. Last trade for a public option by the end of June 2010 was down to 10% as of this writing. Good to see Republican Paul Ryan introduce an alternative, details here, summary here. I have quibbles with some of the proposals, but it is so much more market oriented than anything conjured up by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate as to be a breathe of fresh air. Ed Morrisey is spot on at the end of his article:

Republicans cannot afford to cede this ground to Democrats again, now or in the future. By ignoring it for so long, they almost allowed a Trojan horse for a single-payer system to succeed. Political parties have to offer real solutions in order to remain relevant, a lesson Ryan has learned — and hopefully can teach the rest of the GOP.

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  1. B-Daddy, thanks for the link.

    I know Geithner polled first and is thusly "the people's hack" over at BwD but Holder remains the most unctuous of the whole lot in my personal opinion.