Thursday, January 21, 2010

Historic Day in the Fight for Freedom

Chapter 1.
For eight years I have been complaining about the unconstitutional nature of McCain-Feingold, to the extent that I was almost unable to support McCain for President. Today, the Supreme Court agrees with me, if only 5-4, but still a majority. The fatuousness of the minority opinion's argument that the federal election law banning corporations from advocating for or against a candidate within 30 days of the election is self evident. From Justice Stevens dissent:
It also could have spent unrestricted sums to broadcast Hillary at any time other than the 30 daysbefore the last primary election. Neither Citizens United’s nor any other corporation’s speech has been “banned,” ante, at 1.
So we have freedom of speech at the times allowed by government regulation? I'll let you decide. Meanwhile, The One's response?
We are going to talk with bipartisan Congressional leaders to develop a forceful response to this decision. The public interest requires nothing less.
So much for respect for the constitution, a cornerstone tirade of the left during the Bush presidency. True colors showing now.

Chapter 2.

Nancy Pelosi said today that she lacked the votes in the House to pass the execrable, pork-laden, discriminatory, deficit-expanding, freedom-killing, innovation-suffocating Senate health care financing "reform" bill. Drudge headlined it with the misleading title, The Day Health Care Died. Health Care did not die, but merely the execrable, get the idea. I hope that the momentum is shattered.

Chapter 3.

Icing on the cake. Air America has declared bankruptcy.

Post Script.

To quote Legal Insurrection, "Could this week possibly get any better?"


  1. B-Daddy, thanks for that. I will have my own salvo plus a link tomorrow.

    Yes, a good week, indeed.

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  3. Has the pendulum swung far enough? Do we have the leadership to keep it moving? I hope so.

    This WAS a great week for a weak conservative party. I pray we can ride the coatails with some momentum and not get wishy-washy with our principles.

  4. 'Dawg, that's what got me so excited. Brown was very explicit about his principles, especially on his opposition to Oprahcare.