Monday, January 4, 2010

Congress and Civilian Personnel Systems

I've got a crossover post at B-Daddy's Other Blog, that concerns the practical effect of Congress dismantling the National Security Personnel System, the pay for performance system for the Defense Department. Crossover in the sense that the political affects my managerial professional life. You can read my personal take on the effort here. If you're not into management or the details of federal employment, you can safely skip. But my personal opinion is that the public employees unions are behind the repeal. They hated this system from the start and on numerous occasions sued in federal court to overturn its provisions. That they mostly failed is proof that the system was not inherently unjust as they claimed.

However, with the Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, burying a provision for the system's repeal in the defense appropriations bill was a way too easy way to pay back their union backers. That it was also a slap in the face for something Donald Rumsfeld had worked so hard to implement was only froth on that frappe.

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