Thursday, September 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

You know the administration has thrown in the towel when they trot out Joe Biden to defend policy.
Mr. Biden said that the stimulus law was not a “single silver bullet” but rather “silver buckshot.”

However the same article had this to say:
The administration’s website indicates that by its own accounting of the $787 billion program, roughly 19 percent of the money has begun coursing through the economy.
Now that the stimulus worked, couldn't we make it stop and get back the other 81%? Isn't that always the way? You can never kill a government program.

In my previous discussion of global warming, I have said that it appears that man's actions may be preventing another ice age. You'd think that preventing another ice age would be good, so here's the reliably left of center WaPo Headline:

Human Activity Blamed in Reversal of Cooling in Arctic

It reminds me of the old joke. God held a conference call with editors of major newspapers to announce the end of the world. The WaPo headline the next day:
"World to End; Women, Minorities Hardest Hit." These guys can't help themselves.

Here's a sure fire way to sell health care, get the word out that the plan will give vast new powers to the IRS. The government agency that brings a smile to your face, admit it. As an added bonus now your tax returns will be available to health care bureaucrats. Think the VA's handling of social security numbers was inept? Wait until everyone's tax returns are floating around the Orwellian named Health Choices Administration. As if. The potential for total government control of every aspect of our lives boggles the mind as we examine the cumulative effects of all of these Democrat provisions in various bills.

IRS Agents:
Enforcing Health Care Choice.

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  1. I still hope and pray that we manage to prevent another ice age.....