Sunday, September 6, 2009


All around retard and hypocritical fat-ass, Michael Moore says "Capitalism is evil and must be replaced." With what? Fascism or Communism and their millions dead? All out socialism (no, Sweden doesn't count because they allow private property) like Hugo Chavez is going for? Hunter-gatherer, where your life expectancy is under 20 years? Feudalism? Get real. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Capitalism is the worst form of economics except for all those others that have been tried.

Next up, sub-headline in today's fish wrap:

Organic farms face particular risk from bug-borne disease
Really, is it that whole no pesticides thing? If you don't spray for bugs you run a greater risk of bug borne disease? Dang. Clearly it's time to call "Obvious Man." I appreciate that people don't like pesticides because they fear the unknown effects, but shouldn't we at least consider the known effects of not using pesticides.

On to Van Jones, who probably didn't amount to a hill of beans, but who recently resigned. The LA Times headline:

Van Jones decries 'lies and distortions,'quits as Obama's environmental advisor

Really? Think hard about the position this puts your former boss, the President. If it is all lies, then his failure to defend you indicates a lack of moral courage of the worst sort. Are you saying that our President is a coward? And if these were not lies? Then your presence in the administration indicates total incompetence with it's vetting process. So which is it, cowardice or incompetence? I'm not holding my breath for a response.

BTW, Hotair previously documented how none of the MSM outlets like the NYT, NBC, ABC, WaPo had printed a SINGLE WORD about the whole Van Jones controversy before his resignation. So when the NYT published the article, citing the controversy surrounding this man, how were their readers to know? This is full on journalistic malpractice. If you can't cover the controversy, don't cover the resignation.


  1. Fascism is the answer to question #1.

    Thanks for the link. I, for one, am optimistic about the end result of what seems to be an endless stream of Van Joneses.

  2. Organic doesn't actually mean "no pesticides"-- it means that they can't use pesticides at the usual concentration.

    For example, an organic orchard will get sprayed 4 times with the same chemicals that go on a normal orchard, just at 1/3 of the usual solution. (Real world example from a neighbor who does orchard spraying-- he LOVES organic places, although he won't eat their stuff....)

    Talk about a breeding ground for super-bugs!

  3. Foxie,
    Great insight that I hadn't heard, but it doesn't surprise. The devil is often in the details. We often use facile labels like organic or public option without understanding the reality that they mask.

  4. Ain't it the truth....

    (It's sad, my mom does more natural/organic/recycling type stuff on an effective level {reusing containers instead of sending them in to be melted down and re-cast, composting with a tractor} than anyone else I know-- but she refuses to buy organic because of the rank dishonesty involved.)

    Like that survey that found that 87% of folks want to change how health care is run-- how many of those want to scrap gov't involvement? How many of those want to go with *less* gov't involvement, not more?

    Similarly, Obama's at, what, a -14 on the approval rating? (difference between "we like what he's doing" and "we don't like what he's doing") How many folks want him to be more extreme, and how many want him to be less-so?

  5. B-Daddy,
    As with many things politic, this has moved way beyond the personage of Van Jones and is now speaking to the competence of the administration and performance of Big Media