Friday, September 4, 2009

Chattin' with Road Dawg 'bout Immigration

'Dawg dropped by unexpectedly this evening, for cervezas y tacos. Mostly family chat, but we had a little discussion about the illegal immigrants as well. 'Dawg has nothing against folk coming to work here, but they need to check in at the front gate. We further agreed that they need to be fingerprinted and positively identified before being sent on their way to work. They should pay their share of taxes so they aren't a burden on the rest of us when they hit the emergency room after slicing a finger when the slicer was intended for linoleum. None of this gets them citizenship either, so they have no right of permanent residence.

However, as believers in free markets, we both think that as many workers should be allowed in the country as can find work. Further, there should be no minimum wage for them, because whatever they can get paid is still better than where they came from. I can't emphasize enough that this is a free market issue. Conservatives need to think about that when we start chatting up how to deal with immigration.

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  1. I favor more of a shut-it-down before the slowly re-opening part--- need to have no minimum wage, need to fix the huge tax burden brought on by hiring just one person, the other things that make illegal workers so appealing, THEN put in a check-in-at-the-door worker visa.

    Also brings up the question, what do we do to the folks we find here illegally? Don't want to put them in jail, shipping them back is probably a waste of money, can't fine them because Mexico isn't going to honor that debt....