Monday, September 28, 2009

But Is It Good News?

Could we stop talking about Health Care? How about dictionary definitions, even that would be more exciting.

A new Rasmussen poll shows support for health care reform, at least as it is currently envisioned, falling to 41% while disapproval of the plan (whatever that means) now standing at 56%. Even if you don' believe the absolute numbers, the trend is clear, the support for the Democrat plan is declining. Apparently, Obama's Sunday talk show blitz has been effective.

My worry is that the Dems will see the falling poll numbers and go for the nuclear option (reconciliation process) to get something passed before it becomes impossible. Some other things to consider. If the Democrats do use the reconciliation process, unlikely as that seems, will it wreck the party's chances in 2010. I think so, because it would prove the Tea Party goers to be correct, that Washington never listens.

More interesting is what happens to the Republicans if they prevail. I think this is a real danger for them, because even thought the majority is happy with their own health care plans today, the loss of a job or employer caprice could cause them to lose coverage. This is why portability and expanded competition need to be part of a Republican plan. If the Republicans just walk away from this debate with a victory, but no plan of their own, I think it bodes ill for the long term debate on this issue and also for their chances in 2010.

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  1. So no cap n' trade, no health care reform, retreat from Afghanistan, monster budget deficits, a stagnant (at best) economy ...

    Hope and change?