Thursday, September 10, 2009

Other Bloggers Who Call Out Obama's Lies on Health Care

Glad to see I'm not alone in being steamed over blatant lying by the President in last night's speech. Some interesting links:

Confederate Yankee has a stream of tweets
that concludes the President is lying. Best quote: "A laundry list of unsupportable wishes is not a plan. What a waste of time."

Director Blue had a live blog, with the comment, "the lies are coming so fast and furious..."

Freedom Eden calls out lies on keeping insurance, on pretending to be a moderate, and Obama's desire for single payer.

Gateway Pundit calls him out on "my door is open", he hasn't met with the GOP since April.

And the very deep team at CATO performed continuous debunking during the whole speech. Obama kept feeding them material the whole speech.

After all the lies, the man has the chutzpah to say this during his speech:

If you misrepresent what's in the plan, we will call you out.
Mr. President, how about calling yourself out.

P.S. Lot's of comments on Mrs. Sourpuss. What does she have to be upset about?


  1. Synopsis, please! TMI for a working guy!!!!!

    A brief outline or general view, as of a subject or written work; an abstract or a summary.

    I had to take a week off work just to follow the links!

  2. Dawg,
    Appreciate the TMI comment. Wanted to make clear and FOR THE RECORD, what a steaming pile of lies were served up yesterday. Think of these last two posts as an encyclopedia of the President's lies. It's not my fault that there are so many to catalog.

  3. LOL...those pics!! HA HA

    The Mad Jewess
    :) GOD BLESS YOU, thanks!
    I will blog-roll you

  4. Dear Angry for God,
    Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your blog as well.