Saturday, January 5, 2013

Time to Buy Guns

. . . and lots of them.  The Washington Post is reporting that the administration wants to make it hard for you to get guns and will include requirements for a mental health check to purchase a gun.  In Joseph Heller's novel, Catch-22, a bombardier thinks to avoid further combat duty by claiming insanity due to combat stress.  But the fact that he fears the real dangers of combat proves his rationality, and he is therefor clearly not insane, according to "Catch-22."  Similarly, the mental health check provision of any proposed legislation will be the mirror image.

Gov't agent: Why do you want a gun?
Me: To defend myself and to maintain my rights.
Gov't agent: The government will do that for you, therefore you clearly aren't in good mental health,  you fail the mental health check and therefore you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun.

I have never owned a gun in my life.  I never really felt the need. But if Obama wants to take away my right to buy guns, then clearly I need one.  How's that for Catch-22?

Many rural state Democrats aren't going to be down with such a broad assault on gun rights.  Our coalition can definitely defeat Obama on this.  It will feel good, because when he wins, his gloating is distasteful.

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  1. Awesome. I can imagine how the American Psychiatric Association (or whatever the group is called) is all in favor of this. Think what a gravy train this would be for them! Certainly beats interviewing homeless psychotics.