Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Year's Resolutions

I stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago.  Most of what I want to accomplish in my life changes little from year to year, so I don't see the point.  For example, the purpose of this blog, from my first post in 2008 remains the same:
I started this blog to champion the principles upon which our nation was founded, as informed by my Christian belief. I intend to champion free markets, free trade, and freedom of speech, equal justice for all human beings and a constitutional republic with powers of the government strictly limited. I will propose paths forward for those who believe that expanding government is the chief threat to the freedom and wealth of the world today.
However, the new year is a decent time to reflect on how we have done and think about what we might do differently.  For example, there is some debate about rebranding the tea party movement, as the left has had some success in tarnishing our image.  If others in the movement wish to do so, I would be supportive.  My first attempt at an agenda that captured my belief that economic liberty issues should take center stage was called the Freedom Coalition Agenda, it is occasionally updated and is linked at the top of the page.  It was originally meant to be an agenda for libertarians inside the Republican party, but it certainly could be an agenda for Democrats and independents who dislike the direction the left is taking the country.

As for rebranding, distancing ourselves from the Republican party will allow us to retain independence and allow us to attract new followers.  If that means a new name, because the Tea Party has come to mean a subset of the GOP, then I am in favor.  Even though I am a Republican, I am not enthusiastic about the party, because too many elected officials are wedded to some aspect of big government.  As to a new name, Freedom Coalition seems too stilted; but something evocative of a coalition dedicated to liberty is needed.  Liberty Coalition?  I still don't like it.  Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. Independence Party - good double entendre there; would attract libertarians.

    1. Nice entry. I like it. But I am a little afraid it is too close to AIP (American Independent Party), who have a racist history.

    2. wow.

      didn't know that. comments withdrawn.

      How 'bout:
      Guardian Party
      Bulwark Party
      Foundational Party

  2. Thanks for the time spent on your blog. It's a great service to our culture. I have passed links along to liberal friends, but know their minds are not open, even though their daily thought process and habits are conservative. So as the readership reads and responds, I encourage all to send a link or two to those friends with whom we disagree.

    We have all had dinner party discussions, back yard parties, or casual conversations whereby we touch on a subject for which we are passionate, but don't have the time or the quickness to articulate our position.

    Take a mental moment to file that conversation in your brain. Sooner or later Bdaddy,Dean or another SLOB will have a post so you can forward. They may not read it and go in the trash, but it's always worth the try. You after all, are their friend.

    As for the Tea Party, DAMN them for defining a noble movement! We have to do better.

    Happy New Year to all

    Road Dawg

  3. That was damn them, "the media and liberals"