Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GOP Strategy on the Debt Ceiling

Based on past experience and Obama's better political position, it is clear that the Republicans are ultimately going to pass some debt ceiling rise.  Since this is foregone, they should get something out of it.  Going for something small but symbolic, like gutting a death panel, or some cost saving measure as part of the package where Obama would be hard pressed to explain a veto seems best.  Maybe something arcane, like directing a change to the way that CPI is calculated, but which will help reduce the growth of entitlements.

Second, they should pass the law at the last possible minute, to give the Senate and Obama little chance to deal with the result.  By making small progress, they can claim some victory while forcing Obama's hand and preventing a public relations disaster.

Obama's posturing about the debt ceiling is a hint that he knows he is in a weak position with respect to the timing that GOP House could use.

However, given their track record, I expect bellicose threats and promises by the Republicans followed by a humiliating collapse with little accomplished.  Somebody needs to remind me why I registered Republican in 2008.


  1. Our family is sacrificing like crazy to pay off our mortgage as fast as we possibly can so we can live debt-free. According to the debt clock on your sidebar, I owe $52,109+ for each member of my family and if we follow President Obama, it will be around $70,000 per person when he finally leaves the White House. Why do I want to owe that much?

    Of course, that debt can be eliminated in one easy step. Move somewhere else.

  2. I agree. I went independent about then. It is abundantly clear that neither side of this debate has our interest at heart. The tea party members are the only contingent with relatively consistent principles. When Bush wanted the debt limit increased, Obama called it a major threat to national security and voted against it. So did Harry. Seems both partties change their positions with the weather.

    Looks like sequestration is the only way to get Obama to cut anything. Should put us in a mild recession, or close to it. Still, sequestration was his idea and this recession will be all his. He can't blame Bush, but our teflon president will surely blame someone.

    The best idea I've heard is to link the debt limit increase to a fixed schedule of percentage based budget cuts at the Department level. Still, I believe that mainstream Republicans are not interested in reducing government. In the long run, bigger government serves them as well, despite the words currently coming from their mouths.