Thursday, January 17, 2013

Filner's Start in Office

. . . is not that great.  I was happy he is stopping medical marijuana outlet harassment by the city, but is that really a burning issue?  Beyond that Filner's start in office has not made me optimistic.
  1. He cancelled new managed competition actions, claiming that more study is needed and that service levels have suffered.  The Miramar landfill competition and street sweeping services were won by city workers, but at lower cost to the city; why is Filner complaining?  There is no evidence of correlation between over paying for a service and better levels of service. Kudos to Kevin Faulconer for seeking to push ahead anyway.
  2. He "plans to reorganize land use and redevelopment functions under a new Department of Healthy, Safe and Livability Neighborhoods."  Stand by for any new construction to become more difficult.  Just what a struggling economy needs. 
  3. He has called for scaling back a state water project that will bring badly needed water to Southern California.  My water bill is very high already, despite cutting back, why doesn't the mayor care about that?
  4. I haven't seen any proposals on how to keep spending under control or what his plan is for dealing with a projected deficit.
I am skeptical of his promise in his state of the city address to freeze pensionable pay for city workers.  It would be great if he did, but I am willing to bet that doesn't happen.  Any takers?

On a side note, his comments that the Chargers weren't leaving were welcome, but why is that the headline in the U-T?  Didn't the mayor talk about more important items.  

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