Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Weakness of Romney's Campaign

Its clear that Romney will not win a landslide tonight, he might even lose.  Why? Given the weaknesses in Obama's record.

1. Romney never set forth a clear vision for his planned way ahead.
2. He allowed himself to be defined in a negative way early.

It's that simple and I will waste no more time discussing his weaknesses as a candidate.  I am not monitoring results tonight as the combined pressures of school and work have me fully engaged.

Writing this at 7:00 p.m. election night.  I am not publishing until after polls are closed.


  1. As I previously commented, we need to break the mentality of the stupid. This will always be hard. But we can't continue on the course of thinking we will win as Miss Congeniality.

    We need people to switch teams; a hard pill to swallow. But this can be done. But it needs to be as ugly and fearless as those whose message opposes us.

    I have sent links to BwD and Liberator to friends that are blindly following the Democrats because I know their values are different. This only a small part. I speak to my children and review the propositions according to Liberator and with relatively few changes, Liberator's influence affected multiple votes.

    (Marcy was on the other side of the human trafficing vote, and as undecided, I went her way)

    So my friends that I follow at the SLOBs, what are you going to do about getting outside of "preaching to the choir"?

    I ask, because I am a huge fan, but if we are moved to irrelevence because we can't change the hearts of our opposition, why are we wasting our breath?


    1. Getting modern music on the weekend is a start. Toning down the language helps, I struck the term Obamacare from my vocabulary. Reading Jonathan Haidt to understand the difference between liberal and conservative and libertarian moral values. Finding some liberal or moderate blogs to comment on, would be next. Maybe I'll learn Spanish too.