Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Construction on Clairemont Drive Near I-5

There is significant demolition work going on at the site of the old JR's California Cafe on Clairemont Dr. here in San Diego.  No one seems to know what is going on, or what will be put in place.  I contacted Lorie Zapf's office about the work, and they don't know either.  Shirley Owen, the Clairemont Community Representative for District 6 replied in part:
Regarding your email on the Bay View Plaza property. No, we do not know what is being constructed on the old JR's California Café on Clairemont Drive. You are correct as the new owners have not filed for any building permits as of yet. Our office did meet with the group of investors when they first purchased the property a couple of months ago as they wanted us to have an introduction to them. Our office has received so many emails, phone calls and letters on this "eyesore to the community" that I was able to give them all of the input from the Community. At this time they have informed me they are working with an Architect to draw up plans to develop the property. They have not publicly disclosed what that is. . . . 
They are presently doing some demolition work . . .
. . . [also] there is a gentleman who has started a Facebook page on Bay Park and is always writing about this site. It is called Bay Park Connection.
Hopefully this helps some of the folks looking for news on this site.

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  1. It is a giant monument of the media holding up an Obama symbol ala Atlas Shrugged.