Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank You to My Readers

This blogging gig is getting lucrative, and I want to thank my readers who have been getting busy clicking through the ads on the right hand side of my blog.  In the year since I decided to put up ads on this blog, I have collected well, let's just say, significant swag.   A picture from my Google adverts page tells an impressive story:

On a more serious note, I was happy to top 1000 page views in a single day on election day and about the same total the day after.  

Since its beer week in San Diego, I think I will spend it all in one place.  The Saison brewed on premise is the best Saison I have ever tasted.

I was pretty upset over the poor showing by conservatives on election day. We lost a lot of close races, its clear that we have to reach out in new ways to change hearts and minds.  I am in a better frame of mind after reviewing how close the voting turned out to be.  Our forebears established the country with blood and privation.  We don't have nearly as daunting a task to save that same Republic.  There are crises looming that will prove the wisdom of our path, let's be ready.


  1. mossomo - I support your support of pizza port saison.

    crises looming - very sad but true. these next four years will suck.

    the financial meltdown has started. we are in a double-dip. obamacare will further crash our fragile recovery/economy. the increase of taxes will exacerbate the decline. four years of economic malaise will breed domistic instability. geo-political players will see weakness and jockey for advantage.

  2. Beer week..and I only learn about this on Friday...If I had been given a heads up..I would have driven to San Diego and bought you your favorite beer..but alas...On another point..I've learned my lesson. It's unemployment, welfare, food stamps, EIC refunds, county hospitals paid for by the 1% for me and free state education and indoctrination for Samantha. I'm not having her growing up loving God, learning about character, self reliance, and achievement..only to be called a racist, homophobic, greedy anti-choicer and learn the truth the hard I did this week.