Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post-Election Video

Last May, I posted a video that was scheduled to run tomorrow, in anticipation of a Romney victory.  However, I pulled that video and I am putting up something more appropriate.


  1. I link and read to to other sites, but know the problem remains changing hearts and minds. As I speak with Obama supporters, they have no idea about his politics, he is just, "their guy".

    I went on a rant at BwD, and always wondered how all of you SLOBS get your message out to "outside the choir".

    So as long as our opponants believe we are electing Santa, how do we beat this other than pulling off his friggn beard?

    Our advertising stategy is very poor. We will continue to lose as long as we pursue this course.

    Road Dawg

  2. Dawg,
    Perhaps we need to be more conscious about reaching out. Anyone up for learning Spanish, for example?

  3. You make a point I've long championed , RD. Visibility is our weakness...we were invisble for far too long and disregard pop-culture as a tool. Those of us under 60 must wear our politics on our sleeve...and try to look half way hip doing it. The rag time band at the republican headquarters last night was everything wrong with the choir.