Friday, September 14, 2012

Letting Mohammed Out of the Closet - Hate and Intolerance from the AP

Dean has a great wrap up of the brouhaha over the maker of the "Innocence of Muslims." I wanted to look at their reporting from a different angle. The AP asserts as fact that the film denigrates Islam. They base this on the report that the film depicts Mohammed as a homosexual and a pedophile. One question. Is the AP rendering judgement that accusations of such predilections are denigrating? What happened to gay pride? Why aren't they celebrating Mohammed being let out of his closet? Why aren't we celebrating the diversity of Islamic culture, because we have learned that its founder was gay? I think the AP needs to rethink their assertions. They are flat out hateful and intolerant.

Meanwhile I saw a post from The American Muslim web site that I sort of agreed with until I thought through the moral equivalence being advanced. Judge for yourself.

Based on what was initially reported, it seemed that a group of extremist Jews produced and distributed a hateful film insulting Islam, Muslims, and the Prophet Muhammad to further their pro-Zionist agenda. This was FALSE, it was extremist Christians Muslim religious extremists drew attention to the film to further their own agenda. Extremist Christians promoted the film and held a “trial of Prophet Muhammad” event to gain publicity for themselves. Egyptian political extremists used the film to stir up the masses to promote their political agenda. The extremist political organization Al Qaeda used the film as further proof of their propaganda effort to say that the U.S. is at war with all Muslims to gain support for their cause. And, all of these extremists succeeded in provoking ignorant or extremist Muslims into carrying out acts of terrorism (hirabah). Update: Al Qaeda, or one of their affiliates actually seems to have been the perpetrator of the attack on the Libyan Embassy

The only figure that I know of in the Torah, the New Testament, or the Qur’an, who would be honored by the actions of any of these extremists is Satan.

These religious and political extremists use religion as a cover to attempt to justify actions that can only be called evil. They want to provoke a reaction, as it feeds into their narratives, or they believe they can use the suffering of others to aid their own political cause. All of the extremists have more in common with each other than they do with the majority of decent people of their faith.
There is some truth to what Sheila Musaji is saying, except for this. How can one draw a moral equivalence between offending someone's religion and suffocating and murdering an innocent person and dragging his body through the streets?


  1. As commented on Dean's blog, we give attention to ideas and products by providing the 15 minutes of fame where none should exist. The enemy will use the crappy product in the same fashion as the libs will use the Zimmerman and James Byrd story to promote their agenda.

    We need to return to Bdaddy's most excellent post on "envy" and understand our way of life will always be attacked with fuel from those around us. Whether liberals or Muslim extemists, they will envy our intellectual fortitude and the mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger, and temptation courageously.

    When "blame others" or "offended by idiots" is your credo, you are lost. We are upset with the people rioting in the Mid-east, but I see the "tax the rich" divisiveness as the same problem.

    Went on a rant, sorry!

  2. This entire thing is think wprk of our intelligence operations. Fund our enemies so the "defense" contractors can make more money and the IMF gets worldwide debt slave plantation. Their really is actual intelligence based on logic and reason once one realize how ignorant they are. There is no envy. There is hatred against us because we Americans are tyrannical psychopathic barbarians that won't leave anyone alone. Why is it so hard for Americans to picture themselves in there shoes. How would we feel if foreign governments bombed us, paid terrorists to overthrow our governments, imprison us and torture us. This is what we do to people all over the world even right here in our own communities. Most people I know from all walks of life now absolutely despise nearly everything America has become. A never ending war machine that brings nothing but death destruction and heartache to everyone. What the hell is wrong with us. Why can't we see the pain and destruction and especially the violations of law we have institutionalized into our governing process. I don't see anywhere in Constitution that our government can extort, kidnap, bomb, torture, steal, and pillage. What the hell is wrong with us?? Why can't we see the pain we are causing?

  3. Thank you Mr. Dawg for that rant. Time for everyone in the world to stop blaming others and get on with the business of improving their own societies.

    Anonymous, You make some legitimate points about reasons Middle Eastern peoples might hate us. I agree that our government has exceeded its constitutional bounds. Ironically, the people in the Middle East don't seem to actually care about that, they only care that some idiot made a film that offends. Your argument as to why they hate us sounds rational; the only problem is that they aren't rational, by their very own admission.