Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 In Perspective

We had a 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony at work today. It was very moving. It featured the reading of a letter from the Civil War, as well, which was apropros even if from another era. A young lady even fainted. Another, woman sang America the Beautiful at the end.

Still, I was uncomfortable. I am an American. I find the attention paid to this day of tragedy somewhat out of place in a country whose contributions to the triumph of freedom are unrivaled in the history of the world. I wore a white shirt and a purple tie today, with purpose. As citizens of a great land, we are the equals of the ancient Kings of Rome, who founded a dynasty that established the rule of law throughout the known world, albeit if without democracy. I believe our contributions will eventually be judged the greater, if we stay the course with a commitment to liberty. Ultimately, the events of 9-11, however great they loom in popular imagination now; will be judged a trifling. The attackers are not in possession of a rival ideology that can threaten ours, unlike the communists and nazis who preceded them as our enemies. Islamic jihadists can only threaten to kill a few of us; we are the only threat to our own way of life.

It is time to put those events behind us. Perhaps the completion of a new structure on the site of the twin towers will lay to rest the feelings of fear engendered by the attacks. We should not forget, but we should put those events in perspective and get on with the business of remaking the world through our example of freedom and strength. America the Beautiful? Yes, but also America the Liberator.

P.S., I have only visited Manhattan once, but I loved the place. Filled with bustle and purpose, it is in a sense, the capital of America, because it is the center of American business. I recommend the visit to any American.

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  1. I can feel it comming. This will become a Monday holiday celebrated by a "matress and whites" sale. America, sadly is soon to forget.