Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama - Not Making the Case

This election should be a landslide against the President, because he has failed to make the case for his own re-election. His argument for re-election boils down to this, the other guy is worser. What his surrogates say about the case is a weak argument indeed.
  • Economy: Democrats: He saved the economy. The facts: Massive unemployment with record non-participation in the work force. I need not say more. But I will since the President gave himself a grade of incomplete on the economy. Reminds me of that happening to my son once. In the GPA calculation, it counted the same as an F.
  • Health care: Democrats: Pre-existing conditions covered and everyone gets health care. The facts: Not everyone will be covered. 2000 pages of rules and regulations to destroy health care innovation was the necessary price to cover pre-existing conditions? I think not.
  • Auto Bail out: Democrats: We saved Detroit. The facts: Bankruptcy laws flouted, Indiana teachers, and Delphi non-union pensioners get screwed. The auto industry would have survived a normal bankruptcy; a new bankruptcy by GM and Chrysler is now more likely.
  • Wars: Democrats: Obama inherited two wars and has been a brilliant commander in chief. The facts: Afghanistan is not going well. We got involved in Libya without Congressional approval. We've decided to whack Americans overseas.
  • The Budget: Democrats: Crickets. The facts: The Senate has not passed a budget since Obama took office. Obama's own budget was defeated unanimously, his only bipartisan accomplishment.
  • Medicare: Democrats: We are saving medicare. The facts: Medicare is going broke and more quickly than you think. Without some plan like Paul Ryan's, Democrats will run medicare into the ground.
Obama has complained that Romney is not specific and has offered the same old plans of George Bush, which sounds sort of specific. To quote The Economist: "One question, Mr. President . . . just what would you do with another four years?" Still haven't heard a good answer.

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  1. Totally agree. Will be nice to see the weather report in Charlotte tomorrow. Meantime, will Bill Clinton sink the knife and twist tonight, or will he try to be subtle? Best news of the day (from the New Yorker)was that one of Bill's aides plans to vote for Romney.