Sunday, September 2, 2012

National Debt Crossing $16 Trillion

Congratulations kiddos, the national debt clock to the right will likely cross the $16 trillion mark in the next few days. Happy trails. To quote the Joker in the Dark Knight, "It wasn't cheap. You oughta know, you bought it!" Yeah, we the people bought it by constantly re-electing feckless Republicans and Democrats who cared more for their own re-election than for the country. We were happy to vote for politicians who in turn voted for a never ending expansion of the federal government, when the means to pay for it was never going to materialize. Republicans have been guilty as well; but I know this: re-electing Democrats, including Obama, will make the problem larger and bigger and give us less time to deal with it.

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  1. one extent or another..both parties are sick from the soul out..however..the choice still seems simple..when no doctor's are for the common cold beats voting for the pancreatic cancer.