Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quote of the Day

Given the dicey future that Obamacare faces before the Supreme Court, it's interesting to note that it accrues entirely to the fear of calling the mandate a tax and the fact that Democrats miscalculated the constitutional question with arched eyebrows and an "Are you serious?" reply.

Quote of the Day in The American Interest by Walter Russell Mead.

If the Supreme Court decision goes against the individual mandate, the
progressive imagination will be haunted for decades by what historians will
consider one of the great legislative and political blunders of all time.
A rare perfect storm of political forces brought liberals the most power they
have had since 1934 and 1964. If history records that this generation’s
progressive leaders threw that moment of power away by an easily correctable
mistake in legislative draftmanship, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will be forever
remembered as the greatest legislative bunglers in American history.
College students in generations yet unborn will rub their eyes in disbelief when
they get to this part of the story.
. . .
I am less worried about the bitter mockery of future generations, however,
than I am about what is in the rest of the bill. Even if the Court upholds
it, it is clear that sheer arrogance and legislative incompetence led the
architects of this massive reform to endanger their own handiwork by clumsy

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