Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Follow Up on Susan Davis' Town Hall

Last Thursday I live-blogged a telephone town hall with Congresswoman Susan Davis. I never got a response about my question, so today I emailed her the following:

Congresswoman Davis,
In last Thursday's telephone town hall, you heard complaints about college loan repayment problems. But when is Congress going to do something about the tuition gouging at colleges. Every time the government increases aid to students, the colleges raise tuition, at three time the rate of inflation. Why aren't you supporting controlling tuition if a student receives federal aid?
Regards, B
We'll see what she says. I am of course not being serious, just attempting to provoke some cognitive dissonance. A fool's errand, no doubt.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Citizen,

    Liberal colleges promote the agenda of expansive government. The more we can promote the education bubble, the more we can redistribute wealth and power to those vetted by our idealogues in the university system. I cannot overstate the importance of a brainwashed youth that unquestioningly follows our orders. Further, the monies redistributed to our politically correct universities are returned with interest through biased and unchallenged "research" like global warming, sexual identity, anti-conservative social studies and other "science."

    Get with the program, this is your last warning,
    Your Congresswoman.