Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I Like Boehner's Plan - My Tea Party Perspective

Hero of the Republic?

John Boehner's plan to cut the deficit by $915 billion while raising the debt ceiling is going to underwhelm many tea party types. But I like it a lot. Here's why; Obama won't dare veto it, because that would be irresponsible, and more importantly, he would appear irresponsible. However, it will keep the issue alive into 2012 and continue to make the growing debt a campaign issue. As I have said before, the public needs to make a decision on our fiscal direction through elections.

The issue is sure loser for Obama. If he backs big tax increases to close the gap, he plays into the narrative that he is just a tax and spend liberal. However, if he gets serious about entitlement reform, he further alienates his base, whose energy he needs to overcome the younger and unaffiliated voters who are deserting him. Ending his Presidency has got to be a big priority. I am not advocating doing anything irresponsible to do so. Indeed an incremental approach to curtailing deficit spending is the only responsible thing to do, because in a republic, these issues deserve a full airing.

Further, Boehner's plan calls the Senate's bluff. HotAir is reporting that Senate Democrats have objected to his plan as "too short term." My response, tough, your party spent us into this mess, albeit with Republican help, are you really going to vote to shut down the government? The people of the United States will see who the irresponsible party really is.

Back to my original point. It has become clear that a second term for Barack Obama is the chief threat to the liberty and prosperity of our nation. He has shown no compunction about trampling the rights of citizens, expanding the reach of the federal government, and seeking ever more spending as a means of re-distributing wealth. Only his defeat for re-election will allow us to repeal the excesses of his term in office. His re-election will cement them.

We are engaged in a historic struggle over conflicting visions of the nature of our nation. On the left is the view that we are a mature country that needs an ever expanding social safety net as we slowly fade into oblivion as a great power. The opposite view, including most in the tea party movement, is that America is likely to be the greatest nation on earth for a long time, if we just get government out of the way and let people go to work solving our nation's economic and technical problems and that the social safety net's costs must be reduced.


  1. It is absolutely mind boggling to me how Americans seem determined to be completely ignorant of the facts as the ship is on fire and going down in flames. It is now obvious fact why so many nations have fallen throughout history; ignorance of the people.

    We have the greatest opportunity in 100 hundred years right now to fully awaken to the fact that our monetary system has been built and established to consume America with debt by forcing the use of unlawful tender upon the People. Everyone is scrambling for plans to deal with the debt ceiling and caught up in the swirl of political dramalogic instead of opening up the absolutely mandatory discussion of the fact that our monetary has been designed to fail by men with a plan for Global usurpation into a supranational authority with consolidation of our very identities and all of our privacy. This crisis can bring the REAL discussion necessary about the very structure of our currency and our laws but everyone's' total ignorance of the situation relegates the discussion useless babble.

    How can America "be the greatest nation on earth for a long time" if our debt based currency is mathematically designed to consume ALL of our wealth? Once you have the correct mathematical picture you realize that schemes like 401ks are designed to extend the lifetime of the currency while transferring the wealth to the bankers and wall street types. I call these investments and taxes inflation control valves because this is exactly their purpose from the criminal mindset perspective.

  2. Continued...

    Fractional Reserve Banking is based on the fact that the amount of loans generated can be up to 30 times the amount of cash on hand. When someone turns over their pay to another that person can, through the banks, create more money which they can in turn invest in other schemes = derivatives. They need more and more money taken out of circulation because they are riding high on inflating the currency to get rich and they use this pool of resources to control all of politics and the media. Taxes, 401ks and Court revenue or any other forced payment is designed to extract currency from circulation to make the fall of the value (inflation) more gradual and less noticeable to the people while they consolidate power through unlimited resources for themselves by controlling currency. The money is not there right now. If people pulled their money from the system, the system would not pay you and the system would fall apart overnight. This has been done by design to hold you hostage in the situation and generate a fear so great that you will choose slavery over freedom on your own. But this is not part of your dialogue. If you are a small souled man who cannot see these obvious things maybe you should learn more about the topic before making suggestions on what to do about the situation, The ignorance is going to destroy all of our freedom and civil order if we do not address the very fundamentals of our monetary system immediately.

    I beg all of you to look deep into our country's history and examine in detail the various forms of money we have used throughout the history of our country and what has happened since 1913. There has been never ending war since the banks usurped our monetary system and began systematically building threats that we have to fight in order to create more debt.

    Your money is worthless and you don't even have it and you are about to find that out one way or another.

    We need a revolution within ourselves where we eradicate the darkness of ignorance with the light of truth. If we do not we will fall due to our own ignorance. We have the internet now and there is no excuse for the ignorance. Either we address the actual cause of the problems and fix them like grown ups or we will fall into the pages of history as ignorant people who did not have the will to lead themselves out of bondage and into to a better future. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

    Most of Congress is living in a cesspool of corruption and are so corrupt and stupid that they can barely even keep any resemblance of intelligent and dutiful people. Congress is deceiving you into another baited trap and it appears everyone will just babble their way through it again without any real substance to the dialogue and America will suffer even more. I'll be waiting with with truth at the finish line and hope for your arrival soon.

  3. I'm down with the Boehner plan. Politics is the art of the possible or something. Time for O to go.

  4. Half a something is better than a whole nothing. I'm good with the Boehner plan as well.

  5. I'm afraid I agree with the crazy guy again.

    While the Boehner plan may be politically advantageous to the Republicans, it does nothing to put the country on a sustainable fiscal path.

    The alleged $913 billion out of a decade of $10 trillion in deficits is bad enough, but it's also very back-end loaded. Only an alleged $20-something billion is cut from next year's $1.5 trillion deficit, just over one percent.

    This is not a serious deficit reduction proposal.

  6. I agree totally. This is a (baby)step in the right direction. The Boehner plan has been dictated in large measure by the Tea Party. Obama and Co. have been forced to compromise until it is obviously hurts. With the Senate bill so remarkably close to the Boehner plan, having been arrived at after Harry Reid recommended approval of the Boehner plan and tweaked by Obama, it is highly amusing that with the plans so similar, the Democrats are rejecting the House bill, but all are voting for the Senate version. They hate it, but it really is all about theater, ego, and face saving now.

    With the bickering and pettiness of the pretender in the White House (and Senate)coming to the fore, this is the time to declare victory and prep for the next fight. I sent this to Mr. Boehner yesterday and urged him to focus on the war, not complete annihilation at every skirmish. It took years to get to this point. It won't be won in one vote.

  7. I just watched the CNN interview with Alan Simpson on this issue. Plain unvarnished TRUTH that should be required viewing for ALL. There ARE still patriots (retired) from DC.