Sunday, July 24, 2011

Union Tribune's Lack of Diversity on "Community" Editorial Board

Today's U-T introduced a "Community" Editorial board. They picked twenty people who are supposedly representative of the community, read the list here and judge for yourself. Here is what I noticed. Seven of the people were selected for prior or current government positions (including some SDSU professors). Four more of the members are activists promoting causes requiring greater government. Another two are USD professors. Two lawyers, Valerie Jacobs, wife of the head of Qualcomm and Bill Walton are included. Walton, great guy that he is, still isn't representative of the community, but at least he isn't tainted by close ties to the established order. Some others with ties to philanthropies round out the group. Not a single entrepreneur, private sector manager or even private sector employee in the sense we think of in the group, except the lawyers. Since this is the thinking of the editors of the U-T as to what constitutes a representative community group, we can expect hostility on their pages to the likes of the Tea Party, since we are the great unwashed.


Richard Rider scooped me on this one. Read his exposition on sdrostra.

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