Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Music Chill

I missed the 12th of July, but still wanted to get this song up on the blog, posting twice with two different groups doing the same traditional tune from Northern Ireland.

Which traditional Irish band does this "Orange" song the best?

Irish, you can comment too.


  1. I like the Clancy bros version because the Clancy bros remind me of my Dad, although I have to say that we were on the other side of the fence growing up, and when the march came through our neighborhood,my Mum used to actually keep us in on the 12th, because she was worried about potential reprisals.

    Discovered a great new band the other day called Gotye-they sound a little like Tango era Fleetwood Mac, mixed with Peter Gabriel. Check out this one:

  2. David, I saw Peter Gabriel influence all over that video! Even the video graphics seemed like "shock the monkey" Very nice.

    On the preference, Tommy Makem's voice is so much clearer and since it reminds me of my Dad also, I will go with the Clancy brothers. Reminds me of my youth, coming home to hear folk and Irish music.

  3. David,
    Thanks for the link. At first, I wasn't liking the video, even if the tune was catchy. But it got better and sort of grew on me. Thanks.