Friday, July 8, 2011

Weak Jobs - Obama Blames Republicans

Not the certainty we hoped for, not the change in unemployment we expected.

Except that it was true to form, I could barely believe that the President had this to say in response to miserable jobs news.
"The sooner we get this done [a deal on the debt ceiling], the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner that we give our businesses the certainty that will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire,"
I am again astounded by the President's inability to grasp economics. For the past two and a half years, businesses have been worried that a debt ceiling deal wouldn't be reached in mid-2011, therefore they haven't been hiring and prolonged the recession? No, Mr. President the certainty they need is that your spending binge won't require the Fed to inflate the money supply. The certainty they need is to know how they can provide health insurance without running afoul of your amazingly complex Obamacare act. The certainty they need is that the EPA, the DOJ, the NLRB or some other agency of your administration won't declare unlawful, previously normal business practices. The certainty they need is what their long term tax structure will look like, since you keep preventing a permanent deal on taxes. The certainty they need is that the government won't keep intervening in one sector of the economy after another, autos, housing, and banking to name a few prolonging the pain of recession by refusing to let market forces re-balance resources. The certainty they need is that the government of the United States will keep its debt at a level that it can be repaid and not go the way of Greece or some banana republic. Mr. President, the certainty they need is that you won't be re-elected in 2012.


  1. Before 1913 Set A had a subset Am (subset Am= money for all transactions in Set A) account for transactions before 1914 and from 1914 to 1933 both subset Am was used in parallel with Set B for all transactions of Set A. In 1933 subset Am was deleted (by unconstitutional presidential decree) from transactional options through use of force (although there was some subset Am still used ,this was the phase out period which lasted until 1971, another Presidential Decree completely removing Set Am as a value option). However since Set B became the primary transactional tender (in direct violation of Article 1 section 10 of US Constitution) to this very day and requires a growing Set I to be extracted from Set A and now All transactions are now performed using Set B inside of Set A with the requirement that All Set B plus Set I be removed from Set A in Time Tloan and since the only way for any transaction to occur in Set A is for members of Set A to loan from banks members of Set B with the guarantee that Set I + Set B will be paid there is no way for all of Set I + Set B to be repayed to the bank EVER and it literally shows the logical conclusion that ALL Federal Reserve Notes in circulation plus more Federal Reserve Notes (Note that only come from the bank) not in Circulation are owed to the banks. Mathematically the conclusion over time is that we always owe more 'money' than is in circulation AND the gap between what is owed versus in circulation will only grow because there is no other way to satisfy the debt because the all money comes into circulation via loan. When One fully grasps the Nature of the situation it literally means we are slaves to the banks. Every federal reserve note we all have plus more is owed to the Banks that created the currency. They created currency pout of nothing and the only way we can get it is from them with interest applied. This means mathematically if we do not have any other tender to use then they will eventually take all property. The Banks control the flow of the currency through loans and thus have the power to literally determine who will own what resources.

  2. As a business owner and executive I agree with most of your comments. However, I also know that there is a logical error to your comments about repaying the debt.

    When one examines thoroughly the very structure of our 'monetary' system an inescapable conclusion arises; it is mathematically impossible for the US to pay off debt due to the very structure of how 'money', actually currency (explicitly Federal Reserve Notes), enters into circulation. Not only is the debt mathematically impossible to pay but it is a Law of Nature that the entire 'monetary' system itself (as it stands now) is also mathematically guaranteed to fail by design.

    This is easily demonstrated by examining how Federal Reserve Notes enter circulation and the logical diagram of each set. Set A = Natural World and all economic activities without Federal Reserve Notes (prior to 1913), Set B = the amount of Federal Reserve Notes that are transferred to Set A. Set B is a legal fiction created outside of Set A. From 1914 forward Set B is mandated to be allowable in Set A but the only entry point for Set B to enter Set A is through a Loan of Members of Set B to Set A which during the transfer create a new Set I made up entirely of members of Set B (Set I = Interest on Loans) for every member of the legal fiction Set B transferred to the Real Natural World Set A. Not only is a growing Set I required for entry of Set B into Set A but All member of Set B must also be removed from Set A in a defined Time Tloan in addition to additional members of Set B to fulfill the growing requirements of Set I. Set I is a compounding and growing Set that grows according to Time t and since Set I is made up entirely of members of Set B and Set B was only the members enter into circulation in Set A then the addition of Set I + SetB > SetB . This is logical proof that the debt can never be paid. The requirement of more Federal Reserve Notes to be repaid than were loaned is ABSOLUTE PROOF that the debt can never be paid and the Fact that additional Interest is compounding demonstrates that not only is the debt impossible to pay off but the entire 'Monetary' system is MATHEMATICAL GAURANTEED TO FAIL!

  3. sorry about having my posts backwards. My 1st Comments posted temporarily and then did not show so I reposted because I thought the information was of primary importance to set the record straight on the debt issue.

    The information is logical proof that we must have a revolution in this country as soon as possible. The currency will fail and America will fall unless the currency issue is addressed in the proper form immediately. It is time to amend the US constitution to repeal Article 1 section 10 and the 16th amendment while simultaneously establishing a constitutionally authorized debt free US Note where the less than 2-1 fractional reserve portion replaces taxes so that we can have government revenue directly proportional to productive activity that is lawful under the 4th amendment. The amednment should also change the entry point of money circulation from the banks to the people, We should also constitutionally recognize the freedom of competing currencies and completely prohibit debt based currency all togethern FOREVER. If We the People criminally convict the Federal Reserve Bank of Criminal Fraud in a Court of Law then we can essentially cancel the debt altogether with a criminal case and a follow up civil case. The Banks would have to pay back 3 times what they stole which is more than all the Federal Reserves Notes in circulation.

  4. The Revolution has already begun and we are now at the stage of collecting the necessary evidence through the courts to prove that they are working for the banks. The courts will be the death nail of this all out crime and the Jury will be the Hammer. Forget elections. The battlefield of the peaceful is in Court. This is the wholepoint for the separations of powers and a republic. We need to properly document their long train of abuses and usurpations and the the time to begin in full force is right now. Stop contracting with the Corporate State read the law and point out all the facts of how they are committing extortion and fraud to create theperson that is defined as a corporation Section 7of the California State Penal Code.

    Ask the men and women working in the courts the questions that will result in them admitting to there own crimes on the record and then arrest those individuals criminally under common law for extortion and bring common law civil action against them for breach of contractual duty. We will win the revolution one court case at a time with millions and millions of people bringiing the crats to justice. This is how we will root out the tyrants and criminals and find the acting in lawful duty.

    If you think the court won't bring themselves to justice then keep documenting the men and women who are violating their oath in order to formally list their long train of abuses and usurpations. Finally if they do not carry out their duty then they will be officially outside of the law a true Outlaw thus voluntarily removing the protections of law from themselves by not answering to the properly defined valid causeof action this is the very basis of Common Law. Begin to collect dosiers on all the individuals carrying out the Jury processes because we can be sure they are going to attempt to protect the current criminal system with their stronghold position these are the ones likely to have malicious intent that can be exposed. Do not let up. Teach your children about their crimes and how the courts are the proper forum for nonviolently protecting their rights with their sharpened infosword of knowledge of the law and history of law. It is going to take everything you got to break up this NAZI style empire and return it to the Constitutional Republic it is imperative to the security of everyone that we actively shift gears into all out revolution. The time is now and the law is on our side. We are the good guys.

  5. Wow. That's quite a set of comments.

    Re: the contents of your post - the guys is out of ideas. Like the Euro countries who are facing bankruptcy and insolvency, Obama is left with blaming nebulous forces of evil. The debt ceiling is the problem? Really?

    By the way, have you yet seen something that would allow you to draw a flow chart of how he thinks jobs are created? Clearly, government borrowing is a necessary step.

  6. Jobs are created by taking risks and working hard. Real productive stable jobs are taken away from government borrowing and establish a culture of irresponsibility where people think they should be paid whether they are productive or not.

    I have created created 6 jobs in my growing little business over the last year with at least 6 more to come over the next and I have literally thrived and had more work than ever throughout this depression. My secret I use my own creativity to provide real solutions to real problems of industry.

    I also tell my contractors that we are all fully responsible for our own survival and that means if we don't work hard and provide effective solutions of real value then we will fail and will be back to looking for work. This, properly, sets the tone for self responsibility in our company and really motivates people to want to maximize productivity because they realize if they don't produce real value we won't have anything to support ourselves and they will be in a position where they will be at the mercy of just finding some other employment in something that there is no hope of providing real long term success.

    Taxes go to support government wonks who only produce unproductive tyranny that literally takes food out of the mouths of productive people and adds cost to any job created thus limits the number of jobs we business owners can create. All this time I have been working hard and creating jobs the Corporate State keeps bringing me into court just because I am not contracting with them. So here we have the Corporate State introducing more unnecessary risk to a growing, self made and non-government funded business with truly organic job production. The Corporate State introduces this risk by stealing the time of the man who has fiduciary duties as an Executive Offficer

    I am being forced into multiple court actions continually that has no valid cause of action, no accuser. How can this be justified? Does the state really want to create real jobs or just force people into paying the unproductive tyrannical crats? I have been the sole provider of work for a total of more than 7 people and the state has been the biggest obstacle to expanding and an all out obstruction to our pursuit of happiness. Everyone I know is totally pissed off and this includes leaders in some of the largest organizations in the world. We are all sick of the drug war, the phony and psychotic war on terror, the wars all over the world, the insane income tax structure, the bailouts, government deficits, bankers controlling the whole world, the military industrial complex inflating the currency to build the weapons that are enslaving and killing innocent people all over the world, and especially bureaucrats who extort us. Stop asking for the Government to provide jobs, stop looking for the leader who will lead you to the solution, get off your ass, get to work and create real value and be your own leader. That is how real sustainable jobs are created.

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  8. I think even the Obama faithful are stunned at his lack of economic understanding. I see loyalty of average people slipping away...and I doubt any giveaways will bring them back. Now it's just up to the GOP to screw it up for themselves.