Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scott Walker Negotiates

Far from being the intransigent dictator portrayed by the left, Scott Walker, has been negotiating with Democrats. He has been willing to consider restoring some of the collecting bargaining privileges that the unions purport to be the reason for the Democrat fleebagging. However, we know that the real issue is union power and money. Even if all collective bargaining was restored, the Democrats and their union paymasters aren't giving in on the following:
The modifications do not address Walker prohibiting unions from collecting dues, often considered a sticking point in negotiations.
This is actually the one issue that I want Walker to remain firm on. I'm glad that he released the emails on negotiations, because he seems to be losing the public relations battle. This is unfathomable because the facts are on his side. Meanwhile I got the following email from DailyKos:

This past weekend, while Scott Walker was threatening to fire a bunch of people, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was collecting recall petition signatures, threatening to fire Scott Walker's Senators.

The recall has begun in Wisconsin, and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is the central organizing hub. As such, we've added the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to Orange to Blue.

Can you contribute $8 to the recall effort, $1 for each of the eight targeted Republican Senators?

We are winning this fight. Polls show Scott Walker's approval rating dropping fast, and a clear majority of Wisconsin siding with the unions and the middle class. We are outnumbering the other side at rallies by margins of 5-1, 10-1, and even 35-1.

With numbers like those, we are in a good position to win the recall elections. The first step is gathering enough signatures to make the elections happen. Over 250 Kossacks in Wisconsin have signed up to help canvass--can you back them up by contributing $8 to the Wisconsin Democratic Party on Orange to Blue?

Man, it sure feels good to be winning. It will feel even better when we win.

In solidarity,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Solidarity? Whatever. I doubt that the recall would pass if all the facts about these negotiations were widely known. (I stripped the links out of the email.)

I believe that public opinion can be swayed, but Walker needs to make a better effort to explain himself. The Weekly Standard explains it best:

But what collective bargaining has meant in reality is that unions have had the final say in choosing layoffs over benefits reductions. As county executive in Milwaukee, Walker saw this happen in practice. So he wants to give school districts and municipalities flexibility in implementing better alternatives to layoffs, such as requiring employees to pay more for health insurance premiums.

Had some internet problems with RoadRunner tonight, so the blogging is light.


  1. If you feel like digging through a 66 comments, there's a guy named Kurt that showed up at TAC to defend the unions.

    His meme, eventually, is basically: "but we're forced to represent these people, by law! So we should get dues!" (The case law is that when the union is the only one allowed to talk to management about something, they're required to treat non union members identically to union members.)

    Not sure if you can get a jump-off point from that.

  2. uh. i think negotiatins are over.

  3. Foxfier,
    Actually an interesting point. But just another reason to end collective bargaining.

    drozz, perhaps, but there is still the crying.

  4. Ah, but then they just whine that:
    Labor has long said they are happy to give up the opportunity to negotiate for an Union Shop if it is then free to only represent those who join the union. In fact, during the Bush Administration, a union tried to get the NLRB to sauy it could do that. Both the Chamber of Commerce and the Bush Administration successfully filed objections.

    Eventually I got him to admit that they were't willing to give up exclusivity, though he claimed they were forced into it by management.
    (came in context of him claiming we're all hypocrites for not working to help him)

  5. @BD-yeah, but the crying will always be there. kind of like the stink at a monkey house: you just get used to it.