Monday, March 7, 2011

Headline of the Week

Yeah, it's pure schadenfreude but I can't help it. From the L.A. Times (screen captured in case they take it down.)

What's with the dorky little furballs in the background? And why does Aol look so much like lol?

Years ago, shortly after the greatest tech merger of all time (not), AOL-TimeWarner, I was a customer of both companies. I had retained my AOL account, not wanting to change emails, but wanted the high speed broadband offered by TimeWarner through Road Runner. After the merge, I asked if I couldn't get a discount, since I was paying for two different accounts and didn't really need them both, but would have retained AOL for the convenience of some of its features. You know the answer, no can do, so I canceled my AOL account and waited for the rest of the country to follow suit, which they did. This is the sad ending.

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