Monday, March 7, 2011

Defunding Obamacare - Tougher than we Thought

I saw Michelle Bachmann on Sean Hannity today, where she revealed that Obamacare was also an appropriation bill that "hid" $105 billion in appropriations to forward fund its implementation. This complicates the efforts to defund the bill, but at least the method of funding is out in the open. I am calling on Boehner to demand this funding be removed as the price for another continuing resolution.

From Congresswoman Bachmann's web site, here are some lowlights of the bill:
  • Section 1311(a) of ObamaCare provides an unlimited appropriation to the Health and Human Services Secretary to award grants to states for Exchanges.
  • Section 4002 essentially creates a $16 billion slush fund for the HHS Secretary to spend and $2 billion is appropriated to the Secretary per year in perpetuity after 2015.
  • Section 4101(a) allows $230 million in appropriation for school-based health centers.
  • Section 5508 appropriates $230 million for expanded primary care residency programs.
  • Section 2953 allocates $320 to Title XX-type education programs.
When Nancy Pelosi said that the bill had to pass before we would understand what's in it, she was right. By the way, I'm pretty sure the unlimited appropriation wouldn't pass constitutional muster.

Thanks need to go out to the unlikely named C. Stephen Redhead, author of the Congressional Research Service report that outlines the hidden appropriations in the bill.

Exit question, since the CRS report was written last October, why did it take this long for these hidden appropriations to come to light?

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