Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recommended Reading - U-T Watchdog

The U-T Watchdog continues to impress, publishing news that I'm not finding anywhere else. Today's articles include

Convicted City Workers Keep Pensions

In many parts of the country, such public employees face the loss of part or all of their taxpayer-funded pensions as a result of their misdeeds. Not in San Diego, where no city employee has ever had a pension taken away or reduced because of wrongdoing.
One example detailed is the case of Helen Ferrell, who stole $74,000 from a rec center in South Bay, but who is keeping her $33,000 per year pension.

Issa Protests Whistle Blower Demotion

This one has been cooking for some time in the blogosphere. A senior DHS career employee, Catherine Papoi, complained how political appointees were interfering with freedom of information requests from journalists to the DHS IG. This goes to the heart of our democratic institutions, the Freedom of Information Act was a post-Watergate reform intended to keep the federal government honest through citizen and journalist oversight. If true, all responsible should resign. Government Executive, hardly a radical right outlet, details the widespread criticism of this administration's lack of openness. Glad to see Issa is on the beat.

Dumanis sat out Proposition D Sales Tax Issue

I can think of few greater dis-qualifiers for the office of mayor than her cowardly stance on this issue. I may go all in for Carl.

Pension fund’s timber buy questioned

As if our local pension funds didn't have enough trouble.
The county retirement board has decided to invest $50 million with a Mississippi timber-management firm that has ties to the board’s own investment adviser.
Timber? Really? I guess that could round out a portfolio, certainly better than Treasuries, which are probably headed for a negative real interest rate.

Anyway, the Watchdog is a worthy read if you want to keep your eye on government malfeasance. Unfortunately, that seems to be a target rich environment.

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