Saturday, December 4, 2010

Supporting Walmart - UPDATED

I love Walmart. Every time I shop there, which isn't that often because they don't have enough locations in San Diego convenient to me, I am surprised by some new low priced item. However, the San Diego City Council, by overriding the mayor's veto of the "Big Box" ordinance doesn't think I should be able to get the most for my shopping dollar. In brief, this ordinance is aimed directly at Walmart.
Walmart and other ordinance opponents said it would create a de facto ban on retailers that have are least 90,000 square feet and dedicate at least 10 percent of its floorspace to nontaxable items like groceries and prescription drugs.
Even supporters of the ordinance admit that this is the goal of the ordinance. Note too, that the primary supporters of preventing Walmart supercenters in San Diego are all Democrats. I also note that most African-Americans support Democrats. But here is what happened at the council hearing on the matter.

And then the tone in council chambers changed sharply as one after another black resident approached the microphone to appeal to the council, painting a drab, disheartening portrait of the dearth of opportunity that exists in one of the city's most economically struggling districts, the one represented by Councilman Tony Young, and the one they said could most benefit from the arrival of a supercenter like Walmart. They asked the council not to make it harder for the company to move in.

Dominic Littleton told the council he was the father of six children, and that he had lost his union job 3 years ago and been unemployed ever since.

Taesha McCall said she needed a job, and that she thought Walmart would help her community.

Note this fact as well:
In Los Angeles, no superstore applications have been submitted since the city adopted a similar ordinance in 2004.
Fortunately, it appears that there will be a petition drive to put a measure on the ballot to overturn this ordinance.
Walmart is going to the voters to get its supercenter stores in San Diego. A signature drive began this morning at Walmart's four stores in the city.
. . .
The signature gathering started at the Walmart store in Murphy Canyon this morning. Walmart has 30-days to collect 31-thousand signatures.
I will definitely be heading to Walmart to sign a petition. Maybe I'll wear that yellow T-shirt. Watch this video to hear more gory details.

I hope to also contact Lorie Zapf's office to ensure that she would be a vote to repeal the Walmart ban. She certainly campaigned hard against union special interests during the recent campaign.


Commenter Scott notes that I misspelled ordinance as "ordnance" in the original post, which I have corrected. However, in my feeble defense, it seems that the law is actually "ordnance" aimed at Walmart.


  1. That genie is already out of the bottle. I'm willing to drive a few extra miles to get to a Walmart or Target. I guess they're trying to protect small businesses in some tiny subsection of San Diego.

  2. It's spelled "ordinance," and it is correctly spelled in the quotations you provide. Ordnance, with no i, is a synonym for military weaponry. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, what really chaps my hide is Wal-Mart boycott crap. Especially for a community that could really use a Wal-Mart, both for employment and for reducing the community's cost of living.

    City councils usually seem much more interested in protecting the status quo in their little fiefdom than in actually improving the lives of their constituents. I'm from Albuquerque, and that's how our city council operates.

  3. Scott,
    Thanks for the spelling correction, I should certainly know better. My experience is similar to yours in Albequerque, thanks for commenting.